Moving From Linear Living To Quantum Living

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To live our best life and enjoy every moment we must elevate our consciousness to the level where pains, struggles, wars, misery, lack and fear no longer consume us. Such a life requires us to raise our consciousness as a species and to apply and accept our roles as caretakers of our planet and all species. Our present Third Dimensional reality is composed of Lower and Higher Octaves. The Lower Octaves contain density and pollution which instigate pain and misery. The Higher Octaves are more refined, allowing pain and misery to slowly disintegrate.

Ideally, we must create an environment to experience Higher Consciousness which is available at the higher octaves of the third into the fourth dimension and beyond. This will move us to the next level of our evolution where pain and/or struggles no longer exist. At this level of Light we receive and interact with fourth dimensional energies, while living in the third dimension. This level of elevation will provide two benefits: It will allow us to heal our bodies, mind, emotion and spirit. Secondly, it will lighten up our Energy Body Layers to prepare us for Multi-Dimensional living. The idea is to enable humanity to experience the laws of the Higher Dimensions. We move from Linear Living to Quantum Living as a result of this elevation.

Traditional Physics vs. Modern Physics

Linear living abides by the physical laws of traditional physics theories, which have become the blueprint of the lower octaves of the Third Dimension. Quantum living carries the blueprint of Multi-Dimensional living where we operate according to the laws of Modern Physics derived from the theories and concepts of Quantum Physics. Modern Physics allows us to bend or accelerate time in order to manifest the life we want, WHEN we want it.

Here is an example: Imagine yourself as a college student wishing you could have a small private apartment within walking distance of your college campus. Now imagine this wish being granted in your forties, or later, when you have a family and all you want is a big enough house to fit everyone, including the pets, comfortably.

Thoughts Become Things

In our present reality in the Third Dimension, intentions and desires take a long time to manifest. The manifestation can actually become a nuisance when those intentions happen after the desired time. Now imagine yourself bending/accelerating time whereby every intention manifests exactly when you want it, as you want it. That is when you are living Multi-Dimensionally.

Opening the Portals to Quantum Living

To experience such a life, we need to open up the portals to and from the Fourth Dimension and beyond. In the Higher Dimensions, time does not lag behind. Therefore, the chance of manifesting and enjoying what you want, when you want it, is much greater. In the Higher Dimensions time and space work in tandem within the time space continuum. In our reality, in the third dimension, time slows down, and events could happen out of context and take much longer. That can delay the synchronicity of events within the time frame that you need. That’s when your college apartment manifests twenty years later than you need it. Events happen linearly, which means one thing has to happen before the next event can be triggered. Events end up being delayed and out of sync in your life.

Living Your Best Life

Divine Mother and her entourage of Light Beings have opened energy portals allowing us to elevate ourselves to open the higher octaves of the third dimension, and turn them into a gateway to the fourth dimension and beyond. As of 2/2/2024 the pathway to the higher dimensions have been cleared on behalf of humankind. We now have access to use the portal as a platform to elevate ourselves even higher.

You can benefit from the energy of this portal to accelerate time and get in sync with your desires at each moment as you experience life. Divine Mother and her entourage of Light Beings have been working to bring this reality to us. They have been preparing us to receive these energies and to be the trailblazers. We receive and transmit these energies and expand them to others. We can embrace this reality and start living our best life consciously and actively.

Adding Intentions to YOUR Crystal Grid for Manifestation

We have been preparing for this event. It is now time to live, create and experience our best life. It is also the time to facilitate others to live their best life.

We created a Crystal Grid for Manifesting Things You Want at the beginning of this year. We will energize some of the crystals on that grid with intentions to accelerate living your best life and to experience Multi-Dimensionality. If you have not created your crystal grid this can give you the impetus to do so now. For instructions, please go to the January 12th newsletter and blog. You can create your crystal grid at any time this year, and in future years. It will always apply.

Charging your Crystal Grid with New Intentions

To empower this crystal grid with the new set of intentions, we will use the four Selenite rods/wands which are positioned around your grid. Keep your original intentions which you already charged the selenite with and do the following:

Pick up the first Selenite rod at the top edge of your Crystal Grid and say, “I call upon Divine Mother, Great Silent Watcher and Sanat Kumara, to pour down the Higher Dimensional Energies of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, into my Body and Being and charge this Selenite wand. Administer the laws of Modern Physics to support me in manifesting my best life in every moment. I ask this through the Grace of Diving Mother, Great Silent Watcher and Sanat Kumara.

So it is, it is done. Amen.”

Going clockwise pick up the next Selenite wand and repeat the above statement. Place it back to its original spot. Repeat for the rest of your Selenite pieces.

Sit and meditate for a few minutes while you imagine all the things you want to see manifest, change, improve, or accelerate in your life and in the entire world.

Thank you for your service.

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