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The first time I heard a respectful spiritual teacher say, “thoughts are things” I got really confused. I didn’t know how to unpack that statement. At first my response was thoughts are fluid, things are solid, so thoughts cannot be things. I therefore dismissed that concept with my logical explanation without digging any deeper.

Over the decades, I have seen the merits of this statement in many Lights. It has dawned on me that we are instrumental in bringing our thoughts into manifest form and making them part of our reality. The amount of attention we give to our thoughts and the energy we direct at them knowingly or unknowingly leads to facilitating the manifestation of our thoughts. Regardless of whether the thought is good, bad, or indifferent it takes up a lot of real estate within our reality- Brainpower, focus, attention…. and can shift the trajectory of our life events.

Our thoughts have a way of influencing the outcome. An example would be this: imagine that you think, “I am too old to take that trip, make that business decision, embark on that new plan…” then you won’t! And it might mean a boring stagnant life with little to look forward to. Whereas if you think, “my age does not stop me from exploring safe and fun adventures that enhance my life!” then the outcome can be completely different. You might embark on something new that engages your mind, body, and spirit to the point that you might feel young and accomplished in yet another arena!

Present day advances in Modern Physics, are proving that: thoughts are things, through quantum concepts. In other blogs we will fully explore those concepts in “Modern Physics” which are quickly becoming the driving force for our Future. We are moving into a different future where Quantum Living becomes our New Way of Life. In that Future we become the New Paradigm and trigger the shift and move away from our past/present continuum into a better future where we are no longer bound by the old Laws of Physics. Today the Scientists can show you-that thoughts are things- in practical but scientific terms. They demonstrate to you that if you participate in a Quantum Physics experiment your thoughts can alter the outcome of the experience and that is a proven fact.

The research and new discoveries from the first two decades of the 21st century are making their marks visible with advances in various fields of technology, cosmology, Quantum Computing, Quantum Physics, AI computing, AI assisted medical research and diagnosis. The latest newcomer in the field is called “AI Energy.” Nuclear Fusion of atoms has been an area of research with a bumpy start since 1930s but with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that feat is now achieved by groups of American scientist and other global partners to create vast amounts of energy.

It is estimated that, “Fusion could generate four times more energy per kilogram of fuel than fission ( used in nuclear power plants” what is nuclear fusion This one advancement alone can bring forth enormous change in providing cheap energy that can create great comfort and abundance for our entire globe and drastically reduce pollution from and dependence on Fossil fuel energy. Some are calling it the biggest advance in human history. More about this topic in another blog dedicated to understanding the significance of nuclear fusion and what it will mean for us, Earth, and future generations. Please look out for the blog entitled, “Nuclear Fusion Changes the trajectory of Life on earth & Rewrites History. Ibid”

We are coming full circle back to where science is now proving the esoteric principles as scientific fact! We can search for ways to improve life, find the meaning of life and our role in it. We are all in this together. The survival and success of the future generations depends on our wise choices, which can only be made when we have a better understanding of why we are here, what we are here to do, and how to do it. This is our communal and individual true purpose, the purpose we agreed to realize as highly evolved Souls before we took human bodies and entered the Third Dimension.

The much-anticipated paradigm shift, that has been long prophesied, but little understood, is practically upon us. Meanwhile, we are battling our own demons globally by greeding over wealth, power and supremacy and waging wars against each other. You can call this a form of shedding skin to lighten up our load, and become capable of moving on to bigger, better things. It resembles the fight amongst the siblings where the adults let them get their aggression out of the way and learn to cope and coexist, to eventually grow out of it!

It’s time to don to our Multidimensional Selves and be free from the duality of this third dimension and living and in survival mode. In experiencing higher dimensional living, life is free of pain and struggles and desires are manifested, much faster and smoother. It is time that we WILL ourselves to MANIFEST exactly that, as our daily reality. It is time to EXPECT it to happen naturally and regularly.

The universe is giving us tools, provided we:

a) recognize that we can live differently. In other worlds we must start to think out of the box and look for other options and solutions that are becoming available.

b) Act fast when opportunities present themselves. Sometimes the writing is on the wall, and it doesn’t take much effort to see it, especially when others start gravitating in that direction.

c) Grab the opportunity when presented for our benefit as spearheads. Sometimes the universe writes things in invisible ink, that only we can see. This is because we are meant to be torch bearers and trail blazers. Some actions, therefore, may not make logical sense. It may be our job to pioneer an action and prove its validity.

We are currently at an inflection point in the trajectory of our future. There is a plethora of depressing, divisional, distractions boiling at the surface and pointing us to despair. It is best to keep our resolve and stay neutral. Once you scratch the surface you see all this turmoil as the passing storm for the much-needed transition. Our world is shedding skin to Lighten its load. It is up to us to will our world, petition our Guided and Guardians, Cosmic Councils and Karmic Boards to guide and direct the energies through us to heal all species and our world.

Discoveries that Show Great Promise

Discoveries in quantum physics, quantum computing, and AI energy are pushing us to new frontiers and widening our horizons in Ways not possible before. Our current reality, ruled by the laws of natural physics, are giving way to the laws of quantum physics, and quantum mechanics, where we understand that energy contained in light is quantifiable, it exceeds the laws of natural physics, which have held us in their grip for millennia. The structures we built the foundation of our world are no longer valid. No, we know that a quantum particle can land anywhere. It wants to penetrate through all barriers to expand even outside of their container although the energy of their mass is so small, it shouldn’t be able to.

Let’s talk about what we can do with these,

a) These become components for constructing a solid foundation for a prosperous and sound future.

b) They help us improve our lives and our world exponentially.

c) They supersede the old physical laws that are becoming redundant and replace them with the laws of Modern Physics with Muti-dimensional capacity.

d) That combination supports us as multi-dimensional intelligent species living in the Higher octaves of this 3rd Dimension and thriving in all fields rather than surviving and fending off pain and struggles that pertain to the lower octaves of the Third Dimension.

d) We deserve to be the highly evolved souls we were before we took physical form. We must find a way to experience that level of purity and elevation once again because it was intended for us in the Original Plan, but it was lost in the density of the lower octaves of the Third Dimension. The lower Octaves of this 3D reality are getting denser and more polluted in all senses and humanity is currently entangled in its grip. Therefore, we have to pull ourselves out of the lower octaves into the higher octaves of the 3rd Dimension- preferably into the fourth and beyond.

Bringing the Microcosm to the Macrocosm

We enter a new paradigm which seems to be influenced by two polar components, one operating at Microscopic and microcosmic level and the other at macroscopic and macrocosmic application.

The Microcosmic perspective

This impacts us at nano-particle levels and is proving to bring on paradigm shift at a fast rate. This is the one that contains all those laws of Quantum physics which are the topic of many of our latest blogs. Quantum Mechanics and all the principal theories it suggests, is turning our world upside down, creating what is now called “Modern Physics” and throwing our old concepts to the wind. insert quote where it says Einsteins physics needed an overhaul.

The New normal: Quantum Living Using Modern Physics Concepts.

We will come together to create a roadmap to a successful future using Quantum Living

Concepts. Some of those concepts, which we will explore in other blogs and courses include topics such as:

Quantum Entanglement- to learn the principles that govern easy and fast manifestation of objects, events, and desired states of being.

Quantum Tunneling and quantum Interference- for understanding our role in both the microcosmic and macrocosmic perspective and our oneness with all things.

Quantum Computing- to understand the significance and importance of the supercomputers of our future which can solve problems that our present computer cannot, ever, solve and to realize the importance of speed of access to information which accelerates transactions and communication.

AI Energy which brings us nuclear Fusion to replace Fission and make our world more abundant and much safer.

You may leave your thoughts in the comment box. Your thoughts and comments provide me with a chance to elaborate and cater to your needs on specific topics or concepts. I look forward to hearing from you as we blaze this trail together.

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