Prayers For Earth And All Souls

praying with cyrstals

We are witnessing our world reach a critical juncture. Since our last blog, “How To Pray For Best Results“.  It seems we have come full circle to that place where resorting to prayer and expressing our thoughts, fears and concerns seems to be the sane way to go! We are moving through a sensitive situation in our world and our prayers and intentions can make a huge
difference. For years now we have been working with Divine Mother and her Entourage, a growing number of Divine Feminine Members- including Female Ascended Masters, Female Cosmic Council
Members and Female Cosmic Guardians and Beings of Light.

They come from the Highest Realms with benevolent intentions and the utmost might and power. They come to aid us, to guide Earth and its inhabitants return to balance and harmony and find Joy and unity. They possess the Power to help us move mountains. But here’s the thing: We are the ones who are going to move the mountains- we are the ones who have the choice to put the Weight of our Will, the Height of our Efforts and the Might of our Power to make intentions and decisions to change our world. We are the ones, who have the choice to call on Divine Mother and her buddies, the Divine Feminine Entourage. We are the ones who have the Divine Right and can WILL change for our world by focusing our attention and offering our petitions and requests for our world, for ourselves and our loved ones.

After all, we and the generations of our descendants are the ones who are the beneficiaries of everything that happens to earth- we could win or lose depending on which way our reality shifts and what choices we make. At this point knowing that we have that choice and we could shift our reality to our benefit feels reassuring and the call to action can distract us from the worry and bring us focus on bigger, better things that we are fully capable of manifesting for ourselves and our world. It is an empowering exercise. The best part is that each of us can make a difference. You can choose to add your unique signature energy to sign up for the change you desire.

You can partner with Divine Mother and her Divine Feminine entourage of friends make a huge difference in our world and see the outcome manifest before you. Divine Mother offers us some key primary points to be the focus of our prayers and petitions. This is great timing because we are at the tail end of the Festival of Navaratri. During the first 9 days of the Festival Divine Mother goes to battle to eradicate darkness and negativity from us, from our reality and our future. The whole celebration culminates on the tenth day when she returns victorious. Then her loving nurturance and benevolent energies can freely pour upon us and our world. Divine Mother tells us that with our help she will change the course of events and the beneficial outcome will begin to manifest as we move through this month and approach the end of this year.

Prayers and Petition for Peace and Harmony for Earth and All Souls Address your prayers and petitions to Divine Mother by saying:
Divine Mother I call upon you and the entourage of the divine Feminine for the following,
· For your help and protection of myself and my loved ones in all situations.
· To end global warming and all its disastrous impact.
· To restore Earth to the pristine state, originally planned for Earth and all souls.
· To raise the consciousness of all souls. to awaken, to find and serve their Divine
· For your loving compassion to fill my heart and the hearts of all humankind.
· For humankind to love Mother Earth and to always treat all creatures- humans,
animals, Plants, Minerals- with loving compassion.
· For return to integrity, truth and love so that we can serve you and help one another.
· For men and women to treat each other with dignity and respect; for equality between
men and women and a balance between the energies of masculine and the feminine.
· For purity, integrity, truth, love, and compassion to reign in our world and in our
hearts immediately.
· To help us be benevolent and kind role-models for our future generations; to teach
benevolence and compassion to our children and grandchildren; to live to see it bear
· I petition you for all this and everything else that in my best interest.

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