Beginner Path

We invite you to begin on this path if this is a new venture for you; If you are at that stage where you are asking what your true purpose in life might be; if you are awakening to a greater experience of life as having meaning beyond the mundane existence- an awakening to bigger things that your intuition is leading you to explore.

For Intermediate seekers – We also invite you to begin here if you have already started to explored those adventures explained above; if you have already awakened of those senses which are beyond the traditional five senses; If you recognize that you are a soul with a mission to explore more of yourself and the invisible inner world and the rich inner realms where guidance and assistance of the highest benevolence is available to you; If you have already seen glimpses of who you are as a Soul and where you are headed. You may have already studied with other teachers and healers, or been led to explore on your own but and feel that you have a good grip on the basic material.

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