Clinician Path

This path is open to all clinicians and practitioners in the fields where energy healing applies; the fields where direct contact with patients and clients necessitates a protocol for self care, self preservation, self healing as well as the care and well being of the patients and clients.

Exercising the right formula for enhanced energy flow can become more apparent when its significance is fully understood. Healthy clinicians with active energy flow and positive outlook are better equipped to address the needs of their patients. Clinicians invariably put the needs of their clients before their own, regrettably, at the cost of their own well being.

In this category we offer various classes and courses in Energy Healing methods, as well as tools and techniques to accomplish much greater results in all aspects of healing process which can be combined to render positive outcome to benefit clinician and patient, other staff, support teams, even visitors and greater public.

Techniques and methodologies taught through this path are customized to benefit professionals in a wide range of disciplines from medical to alternative medicine, professionals in direct patient contact service industries such as physical and occupational therapists, massage therapists, nurses, psychologists, Reiki practitioners and clinicians in hospitals and clinic settings, in the behavioral health industries, as well as social workers, Counselors, case managers, supervisors and educators in the field.



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