Crystal Grids

Crystal Grid Layouts

Crystal Grid Layouts

Divine Mother is offering you a great gift; a Crystal Layout Grid to align Divine Mother with you, your body, your Higher Self and your Guides, Guardians and Deities, including Divine Mother herself.

How you will benefit?

High levels of stress in our daily lives coupled with environmental pollution cause misalignments within our bodies and our Being. These stresses often create a state of disconnect between body, emotions, mind and Spirit. This results in our feeling worn out, anxious, fearful, easily triggered and generally out of sorts. For the most part, we remain unaware of these misalignments and accept the symptoms as normal or that we just have to deal with it. Even when we do become aware of such issues, there are no easy or apparent solutions.

Now you have a very easy and relaxing solution to release the drain, the stress and disperse and diffuse the negativity from your body, mind, emotions and uplift your mood. You might be surprised how good you can feel and how easy it is. What a true gift to your Being this can be.

What you will receive.

  • Crystals, a predetermined set of crystals; clear quartz, rose quartz and selenite are charged specifically for you with Divine Mother’s love and blessings to enhance your general state of being.
  • Diagram showing crystal placement for setting up the Grid,
  • Individual instructions for use and upkeep of your crystals and Grid.

Each crystal will be individually labeled with a diagram and instructions that clearly shows the placement of each one around or on your body. These crystals are prayed over by Nasrin and individually charged for you, according to Divine Mother’s instructions, as given to Nasrin.


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