Alchemy of Your Cosmic Light – Module 1



LiveJoy by Nasrin

 PTE MS: Alchemy of Your Cosmic Light Series

Alchemy is an ancient science. Its well-known premise is the mystery whereby base metal is turned into the highest precious metal, gold. It is a metaphor for changing the nature of our reality, our lives, and our world. Everything is made of energy, energy emits light. We are shown how to receive and transmit our highest Light to accomplish tasks, elevate our bodies, our actions and our world.

PTE MS: Alchemy of Your Cosmic Light – Module 1

The first module of this series brings clarity about our soul connection with the Source of our Light and its life changing positive impact in our normal everyday activities and lives and exposes us to the knowledge of the Alchemy of Light. In Module 1 we are given the tools to receive and transmit the highest bandwidth of Light, the Light of our Cosmic Source.

Join us to heal ourselves and make our world a better place.