At the Cosmic Council PH 12


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At the Cosmic Council PH 12

This course has two distinct components. The first is an informational audio and Transcript (to prepare you for the live session) in which Nasrin describes the significance of the Solar & Lunar Eclipses and the Cosmic Rays which pour down during these events.

Please read and listen to this first segment prior to the LIVE channeling on Saturday, 9/9/18. Divine Mother will be able to do much more in this live session if we have all read and understood this information.

On August 11th the 3rd eclipse in the series will occur. We will continue our journey with the members of the Cosmic Councils on this auspicious day. We will be the instruments for the anchoring of the highest light that is brought to our planet.
This event will highlight and illuminate the Cosmic Rays which began to shower upon us with the Solar Eclipse on July 13th, 2018 and led to the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century on July 27-28, 2018.
Finally this event is book ended by another Solar Eclipse which falls on 8/11/18. We celebrate the 11th session of this series which denotes the 11 months we have been working with the Councils to bring higher light to Earth.
Join us to continue to celebrate as we perform yet another powerful ceremony to anchor the energies of the councils and to receive their blessings.
The Live session with Nasrin will be on
Sunday Sept. 9th at 3:00 PM ET:


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