Awakening & Healing the Energy Layers around the Body with Colored Lights


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C-P-B1-2019 Awakening and Healing the Energy Layers around the Body with Colored Lights

This Course contains written materials and a 20 min Guided Meditation audio.

This course is vital for empowering the whole Body Unit which includes the Physical Body, the most solid and visible part of our Body Unit, and multiple layers of Energy Bodies which are invisible to the naked eye but surround and cocoon the Physical Body.

Awakening and activating these Energy Body layers can lead to the awareness of the Higher Consciousness and connection to the Higher Realms. This in turn, may help to sharpen your instinctive, intuitive abilities and foresight.  The cleansing of the layers of the Energy Bodies helps to clear the energetic scars of old memories and negative experiences. Such stuck energies and memories tend to create negative filters that may be the root cause of depression, fear, hopelessness, or feelings of dullness or general malaise. Clearing the stuck energies could bring about joy, renewed sense of purpose and zest for life.

This course is the prerequisite for the following courses in this series- please take this course in order to clear and energize your whole Body Unit first and then follow up with the others to further enhance your healing experience.

C-P-B2-2019 Release of Stress and Trauma using Colored Lights- Turquoise Blue and Topaz Blue for Self Esteem and Self Confidence.

C-P-B3-2019 Release of Self Sabotage and Self Criticism with Healing Lights- Golden Pink Light of Love.

C-P-B4-2019 Release of Anxiety using Tapping and Healing Lights- Green and Gold for relaxation