Centering Technique with Chakra Colors


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Centering technique for Empowerment is a prerequisite for this course please register for it before proceeding to this course.

Chakras are energy centers that run along the body. Clearing and aligning the chakras is the first step in restroing alignment and energy body healing.

Chakras resonate to different colored Lights. This meditation focuses on bringing those specific colors to each Chakra to restore its vibrancy, clear the pollution and realign the chakras with other energy centers in the body; also to connect the Chakras to the entire physical body and your other layers of energy bodies.

Sending Energy Healing to your own Chakras brings you vitality, uplifts your mood and realigns you to produce your best to highest. Sending healing to patients and clients can have the same effect on them. You do this by installing those colors in their Chakras and encourage the chakras to vibrate to the vibrancy and health of the bright colors of the chakras. Their energy centers will align when you send the healing to such patients and clients.

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