Chakra Healing & Balancing




Chakra Balancing session (In person only) Time duration 45min- 1 hour Fee $330

Chakras are energy centers along the body where the intuitive and spiritual as well as creative energy runs. Chakras are the gateways to spiritual attainment and worldly success. When Chakras are polluted, clogged or blocked, our energy and creative potential as well as intuitive instincts become dull or limited. Awakening the chakras and maintaining a healthy balance can go a long way to improve our potential in all walks of life at no extra cost in time or effort. When open and active you can expect

1)A significant improvement in the quality of your life, increased productivity and creativity, enhanced intuitive powers and foresight.

2) Sense or see the Lights emanating from each chakra and learn to use specific colored lights on these chakras which you need help to keep in good active condition using visual imagery and guided meditation.

3) Experience a healthy flow of energy through your chakras and Learn to maintain open, activate and align your chakras.

A member of the PTE Academy Support Staff will contact you in 72 hours of purchase to book your appointment within 90 days.


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