Chakra System I: The Key to the Inner Kingdom

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Companion Course: Five Body System I, The Gateways of Universal Consciousness. Please take this course and Five Body System I before moving on to Chakra System II.

This course explains the purpose, significance, function and location of the Chakra System. It further explains the significance of a fully functioning and awakened Chakra System compared to one which is shut down or malfunctioning.

The natural qualities of each chakra are explained in detail to allow full understanding of the importance of the role of our chakra system and its impact in our bodies, in our lives and in our world.

In addition to giving you a broad understanding of your Chakra System, meditational exercises are offered which promote optimal function and operation of the entire chakra system.

What are chakras and why we need to fully awaken them: Chakras are the energy centers which connect our physical body to our energy bodies and the higher realms. As the microcosm, our physical body only represents the most plain and mundane aspect of our beingness. Awakening our chakras gives us the key to the macrocosm, the Inner Kingdom.

Purpose of this course

The purpose of this course is to help awaken and reconnect the microcosm of our physical body to the vastness of the macrocosm which it is a part of, thereby reuniting all aspects of our Self in Oneness.

A fully awakened chakra system can elevate us to be a greater Human Being, a God-Being, where our consciousness can reach and communicate with other God-Beings at higher levels of consciousness. From there we may retrieve the mysteries from the realms of the unknown and make them known to the masses.

Through this elevation, we are able to realize our Divine Purpose and stand as Beacons of Light, Illuminating the Path for all. As we gain momentum, we become instrumental in raising the consciousness of the planet and all souls to awaken to their Divine Purpose.

How will you benefit from this course?

Through a conscious understanding of our Chakra System and through the exercises given in this course, you will further activate and perfect the function of these energy centers in your body. Your physical body will begin to function in consort with these centers giving you more vitality and vigor in the material world as well as the inner world and the skills to apply the power held within to the world outside.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course will be beneficial for beginners, intermediate and advanced seekers:

A. Beginners: Those who are in the early stages of awakening can benefit by using this course to build a solid foundation as they begin their journey on the path of spiritual growth and evolution.

B. Intermediate: Those who have awakened to their spirituality yet seek to explore this realm further will be able to understand the full potential and properties of the Chakra System through teachings of the Masters, as applied to our time and relevant to our individual Divine Mission.

C. Advanced: Those seasoned disciples of the Masters who are deeply involved in serving the Light and anchoring energies. Through this course, these advanced seekers who are in need of a boost to their system can recharge and recalibrate their energy bodies, widen their receptive channels, move greater energy and higher Quotients of Light through their bodies and be enabled to do more with less effort and in greater gentleness to their systems.

This course will also benefit everyone, including:

  • Those who have had traumatic experiences in their lives, such as loss of a loved one and the grieving process, grief and heartache from broken relationships or any abrupt and long term traumatic experience.*
  • Those who have experienced stress and pressure for an extended period of time.*
  • Those who plan to be involved with the work of the Masters through the Waves of Bliss teachings and become our future instructors and facilitators as Fellows and Society Members of our Path to Enlightenment Mystery School (PTE MS).

*Trauma and stress can cause the shutting down of specific chakras within the chakra system or misalignment of energy moving through the chakras.


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