Comprehensive healing Series




PTE MS Comprehensive Healing Series

Healing the Inner Child, the Personality Aspects and Retrieval of Missing Soul Fragments

Course Fee: $120.00. There is no live component. all courses and guided meditation audio files are immediately available.

This very important 9 Phase Series will address the healing of the Inner Child. Divine Mother will bring healing to us from, Pre- Birth to toddler, to childhood, to teen age, as well as the healing of the Young Adult and Adult Personality Aspects. We will also address the retrieval of the Soul Aspects and Soul Fragment parts which may be missing.

While most of the previous series were about Anchoring Higher Light and Grids of Light for the benefit of all, this series is entirely focused on us! On the healing of our Selves – our multiple Selves – that make our entire Personality Spectrum and the retrieval of those Personality Aspects who have left the body at different age ranges, due to hardship and trauma. The trauma can be the result of an incidence like the parent’s divorce, separation form a loved sibling or parent due to death, the loss and grief over a pet, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse or a myriad other events. This could be why some victims have no memory of the event until some years later when something triggers the memory.

No two person’s experiences are exactly the same. However, we all share the actual event of the loss of Personality Aspects. The mechanism for the retrieval of the missing Personality Aspects and their safe re-installment inside the body remains the same, whatever the original cause for that loss may be. This is why we can create a safe environment to allow everyone to process on their own – with the help of Divine Mother and other great Beings whom we trust – to retrieve, to heal and to restore the Personality Aspects.

Also the issue of the missing Soul Aspects and the Fragmented parts of the Soul will be addressed in this series. The departure of Soul Aspects has to do with our deep involvement in the density of this 3D world. The more we get bogged down by LIFE, the more boring and intolerable it is for certain of the Soul Aspects. Fragmentation of the Original Soul happens when some of the Aspects decide to leave.

It would not be such a grave loss if we had continued to remain on the worldly path with no desire for Spiritual Growth. The problem arises when we do become involved in the Evolution of our Soul and we decide to walk on the spiritual Path. Then the issues become chronic. Anything from not being able to hear or see the inner realms, to being unclear about the guidance, to mistrust of the teachings, feeling of betrayal by the Masters and deities, feeling a disconnect between the mundane realm activities and the spiritual world. Feeling lost and confused about finding a happy medium and striking balance can be attributed to the loss of Soul Aspects and fragmentation of the Original Soul. Any one of these issues deserves deep contemplation and a search of the remedy.

Imagine, the possibility of addressing every issue in a comprehensive way to bring healing and wholeness to the All; all our Personality Aspects, all our Soul Fragments, all our Being. This new Series of Hear Thy Soul is one such imperative attempt! Please join us to bring healing and whole-ness to us All.