Cosmic DNA Activation Series PH-2


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Taking Cosmic DNA Activation Series PH-1 is a prerequisite to taking PH2

We will continue on our journey with Divine Mother, Cosmic Guardians and members of the Cosmic Councils in PH-2. We started this series with PH-1 where Divine Mother explained that activation of our Cosmic DNA will be a gradual step by step process to allow a deep healing of our body, 5 Body System and Light Body.

Our bodies will greatly benefit from these healing energies, as will the layers of our Energy Bodies. These energy layers are encased in Sacred Geometries which are Energetic Geometric Structures that exist around the layers of our Energy Bodies to protect all the layers of our Energy Bodies and our Light body.

These Geometries have been affected by eons of life times of incarnating on earth and the harsh density of the world as we experience living in it.

To activate the Cosmic DNA, these Geometries need to be restored to normalcy and ultimately to perfection. We will be more successful and accomplished in our endeavors in the world and in the inner realms when this healing is in place.

We will continue the journey of healing and the anchoring of the energies in the beautiful and mystical inner realms in the company of Divine Mother and all the Cosmic Guardians who come to assist in the process of our healing and DNA Activation in PH 2.

Taking PH-1 is a prerequisite to taking PH-2

Cosmic DNA Activation series PH-2 course fee $150


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