Cosmic DNA Activation PH-5


LIVE Event: Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019 at 3:00 PM ET via conference call. Access information provided upon registration.



Taking PH 1, 2, 3 and 4 is a prerequisite to taking PH 5

In Ph 5 we will continue our journey with more accelerated energies and new Cosmic Council Members to provide guidance and support to u along the way.

In phase 4 we received DNA Activation and blessings from 3 New Cosmic Council Members. They specifically offer us support to uplift and empower us in ways unavailable to us before.

They serve as our Guardians to activate and recalibrate our DNA to empower us to serve and become emissaries of greater Light and qualities that have gone missing from the consciousness of the planet and forgotten from the intelligence of earth’s species.

As we move deeper into activation and merge our energies with these Cosmic Council members, their over-lighting presence will become our guiding light enhancing our ability to accomplish feats that are not yet accessible to us.

In PH4 we heard Divine Mother declare victory over those 4th Dimensional energies that are sabotaging and interfering with our reality.

Divine Mother, Cosmic Guardians and members of the Cosmic Councils have been successful in clearing the realms of these energies.

As we move into the next few months all the dust and debris from this clearing with settle to bring the return of peace, prosperity and integrity and we will see changes in the right direction for our world and all souls.