Cosmic DNA Activation PH-7


Audio & Transcript



In Cosmic DNA Activation Phase 7 we fill the layers of our Energy Bodies with greater Light and substance. This is necessary as a structural foundation for the other series, The Four Attunements, which is now reaching its completion.

These two series have become intertwined to provide support and sustenance for us to receive and transmit qualities and energies that are beneficial for earth’s prosperity and well being.

With Guidance from the Cosmic Councils and Divine Mother we will be over-lighted with Power and Wisdom to serve as spearheads for the dissemination of these energies, especially for the return of Integrity to Earth and all souls.

Prerequisites for this session: the completion of previous sessions in this series- Cosmic DNA Activation PH-1, PH-2, PH-3, PH-4, PH-5 and PH-6. as well as Four Attunements PH-1, PH-2 and PH-3.