Cosmic DNA Activation Series PH-1


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In the monthly sessions of this series, we will go to Divine Mother’s Retreat in the 5th Dimension to receive DNA activation from Members of the Cosmic Councils. These members will join Divine Mother at her retreat to overlight us and administer healing to our bodies.

Over the next few months, we will experience a heightening of our energies as the activation of our DNA strands proceeds. This activation enables us to become the receiving, transmitting antenna for of the energies and qualities that the Cosmic Council members bring to earth and anchor through us.

We were prepared for this new series when we worked with the Cosmic Council Members in our last series of courses entitled “At the Cosmic Council.”That series extended over a one year period from Phase 1 thru 12.

Many important events including Solar and Lunar Eclipses, Equinoxes, Solstices and Portal Days fell into that 12 month period. These events added to the intensity of the series to prepare us for this next phase which will lead us to the awakening and activation of our DNA Strands.

It is preferable that you would have taken At the Cosmic Council Course series. However, Divine Mother specifically chose to create this new series to allow everyone who wishes to receive the Cosmic DNA Activation series even if you did not participate in the last series.

In the At the Cosmic Council Series, Divine Mother directed the energizing flashes of the Neutrino Light to the organs and chakras of our bodies. She patiently explained the significance of experiencing the magical rejuvenation and empowering impact of the neutrinos colliding into the protons of our cells and the activation that results from merging the neutrino light into our DNA structure.

Meantime, we followed the scientific discoveries about neutrinos in synchronicity with Divine Mother’s insertion of Neutrino Light within our Energy Bodies.

We will continue that adventure to its next phase through our new series of Cosmic DNA Activation and all that unfolds, as we move through the sessions that Divine Mother has planned for us.

Cosmic DNA Activation series PH-1 course fee $150

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