Cosmic DNA Activation Series PH-3


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Taking Cosmic DNA Activation Series PH-1 and PH-2 is a prerequisite to taking PH-3

In Cosmic DNA Activation Series PH-3 we continue on our journey with Divine Mother, Cosmic Guardians and members of the Cosmic Council. The gradual re-calibration and activation of our Cosmic DNA and healing of the layers of our Energy Bodies goes to the next level of elevation in PH-3.

The Sacred Geometries, the energetic geometric structures, which encase the layers of our Energy Bodies are becoming stronger. We will experience a new level of health and wholeness and a new outlook to life when these Geometries are brought to their original perfection, removing the scars and marks left from many incarnations on Earth and the harsh density of our world.

In PH-2 we began to work with a special messenger, a new member from the Cosmic Councils who brings her Green Light of Healing. This healing light will move us one step closer to the return of perfection to our 5-Body System and our Light Body. Her Green Light has been pouring over us and penetrating through our skin into the core of our body and Being.

The healing qualities of her Green Light continues to enhance the healing and activation of our cosmic DNA. She made a special connection at the heart level with our group. Each individual group member participating in PH-1 and PH-2 has received her Light in the specific way that is unique and personal for them.

Divine Mother guided us through the steps of this healing activation process and expanded this healing energy to benefit earth and all souls. In a guided meditation, Divine Mother taught us to send the emanations of the Green Healing Lights from our Hearts into all parts of our body and Being and spread it into the world around us.

The impact of this healing light allows us to become the receiving and transmitting antenna for this light to penetrate at Microcosmic and macrocosmic ends of the spectrum and impact all souls, at all levels of existence.

In Phase 3, we will continue the journey of healing and the anchoring of the energies in the beautiful and mystical inner realms in the company of Divine Mother and all the Cosmic Guardians who come to assist in the process of our healing and DNA activation.

Cosmic DNA Activation series PH-3 course fee $150


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