Healing Crystal Grid: Family Unity



This grid is to enhance harmonious and loving interaction with friends, family and members of your extended circles.

This grid includes:

  • 3 Banded Calcite Towers – to bring family unity, harmony, and peace between you and your loved ones everywhere.
  • 3 Clear Quartz Crystals – to magnify the unity and love amongst you and your loved ones, to enhance all relationships and experience love and acceptance.
  • 1 Amethyst Sphere or Cluster (may get one or the other) – to bring compassion and harmony among all members of your circle.  The sphere brings unity and collects the pieces together if your family unit is small.  The cluster helps with large family units, each crystal point in the cluster represents the many friends, family members and loved ones within your circle.

Crystal Grid for Family Unity

Waves of Bliss provides Crystal Grids to attract harmonious Family Unity. Crystal grids can magnify your intentions to bring objects that you desire faster.


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