Divine Mother & St. Germain Aura Spritz




Divine Mother: A nurturing blend of rose, gardenia and jasmine infused with the Template of Purity and Innocence from the heart of Divine Mother. A powerful healing tool for the heart  and soul, supports the manifestation of all forms of abundance. St. Germain: Created from precious and rare blue lotus, rosewood, lemon and lavender and infused with the Template of Divine Order from the heart of St. Germain and the energy of the Violet Flame to transmute dross and support the attainment of Self Mastery.

Divine Mother has given the formula for these two aromatherapy products that anchor the Template of Purity & Innocence and the Template of Divine Order in conjunction with each other. For best results Divine Mother desires that we use these products together. First Divine Mother’s template of Purity & Innocnece to clear the energies and bring purity. Then St. Germain’s Template of Divine Order to release disorder and dross and to anchor the energies of Divine Order and Organization.

4 oz aura spritz in a base of distilled water with a plant based dispersing agent. these sprays may be used to clear the energy around you, your environment and in a larger radius and may also be used on the skin.


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