Dolphin Magic with Goddess Isis


Audio & Transcript



In this 2 Session course, Goddess Isis will teach us about creating Sacred Magic with Dolphins. We have been waiting for this event for a long time as Isis has been preparing us and the Earth with the placement of Crystal Magic and various Earth clearings.

Dolphins are capable of using both Left and Right hemispheres of their brains simultaneously. They are also able to create a Force Field of energy with their Sonar capability. The significance of this sound frequency resonance we refer to as their sonar, is in awakening the ancient wisdom which we have shared as human beings with the Dolphins. The source of our Lineage is the same. We have originated from the same magical source. This is why, as we awaken to our Spiritual Divine Heritage, our fascination with dolphins grows. Their energetic presence can awaken the long lost wisdom of our true heritage. This is the Magic which they have agreed to carry on our behalf until we are ready to remember.

Goddess Isis will accompany us to the Abode of Dolphins, the planet which is familiar to all of us as home, to retrieve the Divine Powers long forgotten. She will help us awaken to the memories of these powers as we find our Dolphin Guides and begin to communicate with them again. These Dolphin Guides will help reacquaint us with the empowerment tools, exercises and abilities for using both hemispheres of our brain and for recalling the memories of the lost Magic we were able to conjure to serve the Light. Through these renewed abilities we will be able to help Mother Earth and humankind to greater joy, happiness and fun.


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