Double Terminated Clear Quartz Crystal – Large



Doubly Potent and Powerful. As the name implies, these Clear Quartz Crystals have facets and terminates at both ends of the crystal structure. Therefore, they are capable of receiving and distributing the higher energies simultaneously in order to restore balance, bring healing, neutralize negativity, and magnify whatever intention you place in them.

Because Light pours out from both ends, it makes them doubly potent and powerful. Double Terminated Quartz Crystals are useful for meditation as they can assist in a two-way flow of information between you and the guides and vice versa. Placing one in your bed under your pillow can intensify the dream state and provide restful sleep. Furthermore, it can help with balancing the chakras while you sleep. Meditating with a DT in each hand while you perform a chakra by chakra cleansing meditation is a wonderful way to charge your chakras and bring clarity, purity, and health to your body and beingness.

All quartz varieties, especially the Clear Quartz, can be programmed to your desired positive intention. They will then vibrate to that energy and quality. For example, you can charge your crystal to vibrate to Joy, Abundance, Money, Health, etc., and spread the magnified impact back into your body and environment and amplify it. Meditation, intuitive sparks, and the act of channeling higher entities can be enhanced with the DTs.

One of the ways that I use the DTs is to magnify the presence and impact by placing one point next to the picture of a deity, say Mary or Quan Yin, and the other point directed at me on my bedside. I look at them before falling asleep. When I sleep I have the subconscious memory of being in the energy of the deity but also in the protection of the crystals. The flow of energy keeps coming to me; and I wake up to greet the picture and the crystals, which after a while become a lot like our children and the pets. They have a habit of growing on you. I keep the tray of all crystals on altars where the channelings take place. We bring them to sit around us during our channeling sessions to magnify the energies because of their presence and also for them to pick up the highest energies and the latest anchoring.


Mostly, when someone places an order, something sweet and rewarding happens when I stand before the tray asking Divine Mother to pick the right one for the person who has placed the order and they all jump up with “me, me, me….” They love to be charged for different people and go to them where they can serve their mission and be an object for doing good. — Nasrin Safai

• Approximately 3 to 4″L

• Clear Quartz


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