Fall Equinox 2018


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Fall Equinox 2018

Equinoxes are important energetic times; a time to perform ceremony, a time for reflection and prayer and a time when clarity about what you wish to manifest helps you to accelerate the actual manifestation process.

Equinox is the time when the sun goes into the alignment with Earth’s equator. This means a balancing of the day and night and equalizing balance.In those parts of the world closer to the equator, the length of the day and night become equal. 12 hours of day-light and 12 hours of night time.

Every day after the Fall Equinox, the days get shorter and the nights get longer. This day, the Fall Equinox, is a Rite of Passage, a movement of energy, a giving way of the bright light of the summer-time to the lengthening of the fall days.

Every day after the Fall Equinox the day gets shorter by a few minutes, until we reach Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year- usually around 21st of December.

From the spiritual and energetic perspective, this Fall Equinox of 2018 is a new beginning; a time of action and movement. Divine Mother is calling us to join together for a greater acceleration towards higher elevation of Light.

What we lose, in natural daylight- because of earth’s cycle of the seasons- we will need to make up by wrapping ourselves in greater Light.The Divine Light is offered to us by our beloved Divine Mother and all Divine Feminine Guides, Angels and Watchers, who gather to shower us with Light and embrace us in their love.

Manifestation of your desire,s in alignment with your Soul’s Mission, can become accelerated when we come together to perform ceremony on these auspicious days.

You can perform the meditational exercises daily or weekly, as we move from Fall into Winter. This Equinox 2018 Ceremony carries the energy signature and blueprint for important planetary alignments where much Light from Cosmic Rays are poured down to each of us and our planet for the purpose of great and positive changes in the months ahead.



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