Five Body System II, The Gateways of Universal Consciousness

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Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Five Body System Phase II

Healing Lights and Guardian Angels of the Five Body System

Note: We highly recommend that you have taken Chakra System I and Five Body System I before taking this course.

Companion Course: After taking this course, please proceed to Chakra System II.

Course Description: In our energy bodies we accumulate the experiences of all the lifetimes we have lived in the physical body. The purpose of this course is to heal our energy bodies from the pain and dross collected from many lifetimes in physical embodiment.

It is the ultimate purpose of every incarnate soul to find their true purpose for being in physical embodiment. To pursue that purpose and to accomplish it we must become a clear and receptive vehicle of the Soul and our Higher Self.

Our Higher Self and our Soul can only communicate with us and help us embark on our true purpose or Divine Mission when our energy bodies are receptive to their presence and their guidance. This course will give us the tools and point us in that direction.


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