Four Attunements – Phase I


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Four Attunements

Advanced course series

Very Important!

You must have completed Cosmic DNA Activation PH 1 – PH 4 before you register for the Four Attunements Series. The Cosmic DNA Activation Series becomes intertwined with The Four Attunemnet Series and commitment to both is essential.

Thank You.

This series is offered in 4 separate sessionsPhases I thru IV.Each one provides a special attunement only available to our advanced seekers and students (those who have already taken beginner and intermediate courses and are on the Advanced Path at the PTE Mystery School.)

Furthermore, the following two series of courses are Prerequisite for this course:

1At the cosmic Council course series– all 12 phases must be completed.

2Cosmic DNA Activation course series phases I, II, III & IV must be completed before starting the Four Attunement course Series – Then the Four Attunements and Cosmic DNA series continue in conjunction (Phase I of the Four Attunement with Ph V of the Cosmic DNA Activation.)

3– Commitment to completion of all four phases of Four Attunement and the remaining phases of the Cosmic DNA Activation is a vital requirement. These series of courses are only open to the advanced seekers who fully realize the significance of reaching the platitude of offering Selfless Service for the benefit of all creation.

The Activation of the DNA, the Empowerment from the 4 sets of Attunements and the opportunity of working with the Cosmic Councils are extremely important accomplishments which carry enormous weight and have life changing impact for the participants and for all creation.

Course description

The Four attunements are tools of immense Empowerment which were bestowed upon the Ascended Masters who guarded and guided our Earth plane for many thousands of years reigning in peace and prosperity.

A Call to Action from the Higher Realms led their departure from our Third Dimension leaving their positions and their offices vacant. This event took place approx. 14000 Years ago.

Our reality has been bereft of their over-lighting presence and their benevolent qualities. The fall from integrity, deterioration of human consciousness, the corruption of the 4 kingdoms( the plant, the mineral, the animal and the human kingdoms) and the pollution of the 5 Elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether/space) are all indicative of the deterioration in all aspects of life on Earth.

Divine Mother has petitioned the Cosmic Councils for the retrieval of the missing benevolent qualities and the return of energies which were contained within the over-lighting Presence of those Masters.

The petition has been granted. Divine Mother is now sending us her call to Action. She is calling us to rise up to this unprecedented occasion:

  • a) To be the recipients of those benevolent qualities, to magnify and to transmit those qualities with Divine Mother’s guidance to Earth and all species.
  • b) To stand in for the departed Ascended masters and to receive and transmit their over-lighting presence and embody their power to be the element of peace and prosperity.

We will receive 4 sets of attunements which transfer the blueprint of the pure energies from the original Ascended Masters to us. Divine Mother will create a template that will empower us as the new emissaries of those benevolent qualities.

Supported by the Cosmic Council members we become the instruments of change; to facilitate the return of peace and prosperity, to raise up the collective consciousness of humankind and all species on earth; to promote healing, regeneration and rejuvenation of all species and our planet, Mother earth.

Earth can then pull herself out of pain and misery into a new paradigm shift, our destined future as the golden age of Aquarius.

We welcome you to join us if you qualify for this immense act of service. For further inquiries email


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