Four Attunements PH-4


Audio & Transcript



The journey reaches its completion with this fourth and final attunement in the series.

The Ascended Masters have held the integrity of important qualities and energies in their safekeeping for 14,000 years. These Energies and qualities are beneficial for earth’s prosperity and well being.

With Guidance from the councils and Divine Mother they will ceremoniously transfer them to us. We become the receiving and transmitting spearheads for the dissemination of these energies and especially for the return of Integrity to Earth and all souls.

Prerequisites for this session:1 Four Attunements PH-4 can only be taken after completion of all requirements as well as participation in PH-1, PH-2 and PH-3.

2 At the cosmic Council course series– all 12 phases must be completed.

3 Cosmic DNA Activation PH-1, PH-2, PH-3, PH-4, PH-5, PH-6 and PH-7.

Commitment to completion of all four phases of Four Attunements and the remaining phases of the Cosmic DNA Activation is a vital requirement. These series of courses are only open to the advanced seekers who fully realize the significance of reaching the platitude of offering Selfless Service for the benefit of all creation.

The Activation of the DNA, the Empowerment from the 4 sets of Attunements and the opportunity of working with the Cosmic Councils are extremely important accomplishments which carry enormous weight and have life changing impact for the participants and for all creation.