From Lemuria & Atlantis to Present Day Phase 1


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From Lemuria through Atlantis to Present Day PH 1

Building a Future of Peace and Love, with momentum gained from past civilizations.

 We will begin this series of courses commencing in August of 2015, to prep for the actual opening of the Portal on 11/11.

Phase 1 will be a broad brush overview of the two civilizations and a quick review of the successes and failures contained in them. Next Divine Mother will give us an overview of what will benefit the present needs of earth in order for the 5th Dimensional Energies to become  prevalent on earth once again.

Divine Mother will state what we can do to assist in bringing this opportunity home and to pin it to our present timelines. Then Divine Mother will prepare us for a more in depth journey to each of those civilizations and to sift through the events to choose the tools and the power objects which we had, to revisit ourselves in past lifetimes, where we may have been involved in the making of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Join us in service to Divine Mother to anchor this new series and rediscover the past history of earth. You may find some surprises along the way and in the process revisit aspects of your own soul and your own past incarnations.

Synopsis: Lemuria and Atlantis mark two amazing civilizations in the history of Earth. In both of these civilizations humankind succeeded in raising its own consciousness to great heights.

This enabled humankind to function 5th Dimensionally while living in our 3D bodies and acting in the 3rd Dimension.  In the 5th Dimension, Light is much more prevalent and it operates in such a way that pain and misery, struggle and hardship are nonexistent. Living a life of peace and harmony is the norm and manifesting our highest aspirations and love-felt desires are daily occurrences.

In Lemuria we achieved this feat using the power of our collective minds in conjunction with the Light inherent within Gigantic Selenite Crystal Pillars. The outcome allowed humankind to make an en-mass migration from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension.

In Atlantis we achieved the feat by using the power of our collective minds in conjunction with the potent Light emanating from gigantic Clear Quartz Crystal Clusters known as Generator Crystals.

We created Invisible Domes or Bubbles of 5th Dimensional Light over our towns and cities and a Super Dome above the entire Continent of Atlantis. The super Dome allowed us to maintain 5th Dimensional properties of Light while within it and living in our 3rd Dimensional bodies and operated within the 3rd Dimension.

What remains of Atlantis is the name of its Capital City of Atlanta. The present day city of Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia, is a reminder of the glorious days gone by. The gateways of the Capital City of Atlanta stretched from the present day New York City covering many of the present day land mass of many states, moving down to the edges of present day Greensboro, NC.

The land mass which was above the water then was, by far, greater than it is today. Many attribute the buzz and bustling success of all that is present day NYC to the momentum gained from the bygone days of the continent of Atlantis and its capital city and the energy imprinted upon that land and the waters surrounding it, which continue to vibrate and spin to the greatness of the Atlantian era.

Divine Mother tells us that we are now approaching a merging in the timelines from Lemuria and Atlantis to the Present. Divine Mother believes that we can benefit from the merging of the timelines, if we could  pull the stream of those two realities and pin them to the present.

This could allow us to change our future for a much better outcome. With Divine Mother and our beloved Divine Feminine Deities we can use the lessons learned from both Lemurian and Atlantian times. Divine Mother would like to give us the overview of the successes and failures to recreate a strategy to regain momentum for rebuilding and renewing a different version of a 5thDimensional Reality once again.

This new time-line may then spread from this present time into the future, changing the course of our lives and the lives of all future generations – benefitting all earth and humankind. This Reality would have the potential to stretch out covering many thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of years from the present into the future.

In this new series of courses, Divine Mother will guide us to  revisit the two civilizations and to sift through the events to find similar ways, and even better ways, to re-establish peace and harmony on earth and live a 5th Dimensional life. She will help us anchor the energies in a way that is more appropriate and beneficial for the present time and this juncture at earth’s history.

In that way we can create a new way to operate 5th Dimensionally while in the 3rd Dimension and attain even greater success than the Lemurian and Atlantian civilizations did.

Divine Mother has indicated that part of the mission of the so called “Indigo Children of Light” is to find such an Alternate Reality and anchor it within the present timelines. It falls upon us, those who are awakened and walking the path to Enlightenment, to help these Indigos and to hold space for them to succeed with the mass awakening of humankind to this opportunity.

It is our great good fortune to be in a position to build a container capable of holding this new Reality. Divine Mother wishes to begin the prep work for this feat immediately. She has indicated that the portal for the merging of the timelines opens on the Star Gate Portal Day of 11/11/2015. 1+1+1+1+2+0+1+5=12=3.

Number 3 is Divine Mother’s own signature number and the number for the creative force to become active. The opening of the portals for the two time lines of Lemuria and Atlantis to pour down their positive energies upon Earth has been set by the Cosmic Councils for 11/11/2015.



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