Gifts from the Elohim & Divine Mother

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Gifts from the Elohim and Divine Mother is a Level III course which is a pre-cursor to the Return of the Lords of Light Course. The Gifts course is made up of 2 sessions, each approximately 2 hours long.

In these amazing sessions, Metatron and Divine Mother lay out in great detail what has transpired in the Higher Realms in the last two years due to the diligent work of those taking the Academy Courses. Among the accomplishments are: opening the Seven Heavens, Bringing back to Earth the Celestial Guardians, bringing back the Seven Mighty Elohim and opening additional Thrones to pour their Light onto Earth and all Humankind.

We highly recommend taking advantage of this unexpected insight into all that is happening in the Higher Realms and receiving the magnificent gifts from Divine Mother, the Elohim and the Masters. These sessions will give you greater insight and catapult you from a higher plateau into the Return of the Lords of Light course.

If you are new to these courses and this work but have been guided to this site and to reading these words, then you too have contributed energetically to accomplishing these great events. We invite you to come and see what you have done for earth and all humankind.

A Comment From a Participant:

“I attended the Elohim and Divine Mother channeling at Women of Wisdom back in October and wanted to let you know how much I benefited from the experience.

I could not sleep for about a week I was just buzzing with energy! The messages I received were/are so profound and inspirational. I am reading your books, there is so much information to absorb but although alot of the information seem new to me as the days go by I realize that on an unconscious level I already knew this. Sometimes out of the blue the thought just comes to me “mmm I remember this” or I think of something and the pieces start falling into place. My family have always had a very strong devotion to Divine Mother and over the years I have seen Her work through my mother and grandmother. Now through the messages I received I feel a deeper connection and have a better understanding of Divine Mother.

Thank you for the work that you do and for your help making our journey easier.”



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