Guardian Angels of the Chakra System


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Participant Feedback: It is an amazing course! I have never experienced a connection with the angels so completely as I do right now. The energy of Divine Light that I bathed in lasted around me for days after my participation in the course, culminating in a state of rapture that took previous attainments of samadhi to a whole new level of consciousness for me.

I see and feel and know Divine Mother in all. I also feel life force emanating so strongly from within, giving me lasting hope and faith that our spiritual endeavors will continue to take us to new heights. I have great thanks for the group for making this experience a reality.

The Earth and the consciousness of souls are in the criticle process of stripping layers of negativity and transmuting dross. This is necessary in order to be receptive to Higher Light and to accelerate the awakening of unawakened souls to their Divinity.

The result is that many layers of dross are brought to the surface, specifically impacting Earth and Light workers. To Anchor Higher Energies while simultaneously Transmuting layer after layer of dross for Earth and Humankind, is stressful on our bodies and on Mother Earth.

Divine Mother is bringing assistance by appointing Special Guardian Angels for clearing the dross from our Chakras and the Chakras of Mother Earth and for preparing us to be the conduit for anchoring the Higher Energies while protecting us from the impact of both.

With their constant presence, these Guardian Angels provide clearing and protection throughout the day and night. They will also help with the anchoring of energies by beaming their Lights into specially charged gems that they will place in each of our and Mother Earth’s chakras to revive and enhance the operation of our Chakra Systems.

Through these meditational exercises, we and Earth will be able to magnify our receptivity for the purpose of Anchoring the Higher Energies and enhance our Transmutational abilities to maintain our bodies in a state of healthy balance, capable of constantly transmuting the dross.

Course Content:

This course is comprised of 12 Sessions. Each Lesson provides a short (approximately 2 page) text introducing the Guardian Angel, its Healing Light and its Healing Gem. The 12th Lesson culminates all previous Lessons.

The Meditation Audio provides a powerful Grid of Light to exercise daily. Once learned, the exercise can be performed daily for protection, transmuting and anchoring of Light Energies.

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