Healing and Recalibration of 5 Body System & Light Body


Audio & Transcript


The objective for this course is to provide healing methods and techniques to address  your own personal needs however large or small they may be. This Healing technique can also be applied to issues with large scale impact and global matters. 

The Healing Method and  the Recalibration technique offered in the guided meditations in this course work well in situations where you may  have been exposed to negativity or heavy energies  related to your personal lives or to global events and circumstances. The objective is to transmute and release the negativity and the heaviness from your body and your energy field- thereby releasing it from your life and to clear and transmutes whatever  no longer need to make room for the arrival of  new powerful, fulfilling and abundant energies. The idea is to clear your path of obstacles so you can continue to grow and prosper.

  This course is offered in two sessions- Phase I &II- The first session deals with clearing, cleansing  and removal of obstacles . The second session is filling your body and being with all the positive energies and life force that allows you to manifest the life you desire and enjoy.



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