Healing and Recalibration of 5 Body System & Light Body


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In response to the chaotic and disruptive energies that came forth in April, magnified by the Solar Eclipse and continue to linger through the Lunar Eclipse on May 25 , Divine Mother has offered this important two part meditational exercise to clear, cleanse, heal and recalibrate. 

The objective is to use this healing method and this recalibration for everything from the most minute of your own personal needs to global matters. 

This healing and recalibration is valid when you feel that you have been exposed to heavy energies at different times of the year, at different circumstances, whether it is related to your personal lives or to global events and circumstances.

The significance of this healing and recalibration is that it is able to transmute whatever energies you may have inadvertently picked up and it clears and transmutes whatever energies you no longer need.

It therefore clears the path for you to raise your vibration and remove obstacles from your path so you can continue to grow.  It also provides an unburdening of your Five Body System of the cobwebs of the energies that permeate in the Five Elements.

Furthermore, it allows the recalibration of the Light Body for the Nodes of Light to shine again and be illuminated and Overlighted.

The first session is about clearing and cleansing. The second session is about Overlighting the Light Body and the Five Body System with the help of members of the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine.

It is important that Phase I, which is clearing and removing the cobwebs and healing the nicks and tears and scrapes and scratches in your Five Body System in your Light Body, and removing any debris or any obstacles, get done to a point where when you go to Phase II to Overlight your Five Body System and your Light Body, your Physical Body with the energies of the Deities I will bring to you, that they are Overlighting you, and you are able to absorb.


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