Healing Crystal Grid: Romantic Relationship



This Romantic Relationship healing crystal grid will serve you if you are interested in:

  • Finding a romantic partner and forming a new relationship.
  • Strengthening your existing romantic relationship.

This Romantic Relationship grid includes:

  • 1 Large Garnet Sphere – located in the center of the grid to solidify your romantic relationship.  Garnet is about creativity, sexual and intimate interactions.
  • 4 Red Jasper Towers – Placed on the four directions of your crystal grid.  Red Jasper is for strengthening, nurturing, adding longevity, and endurance to your relationship.
  • 4 Raw Selenite Wands – to bring the heavenly energies and the blessing of your Guides and Guardians.
  • Shri Chakra Diagram – the symbol of creation which has the power to manifest all your intentions.

Crystal Grid Layout for Romantic Relationships

Waves of Bliss provides Crystal Grids for new or existing romantic relationships. Crystal grids can magnify your intentions to bring objects that you desire faster.



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