Isis Reveals the Mysteries of Egypt


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This is a PTE MS Level III course made up of 2 Parts, each with 3 Lessons. In Part I, Goddess Isis takes us to commune with the Sphinx at the Giza Plateau. From there we travel to ancient Khem to retrieve the Mysteries of Sacred Magic at DNA level. We retrieve power objects and set intentions to have the memories of our lives and our power restored.

In Part 2, Goddess Isis takes us to the Halls of Amnenti to restore the Flame with the power retrieved in Part 1. We ten travel back to ancient Egypt to see ourselves receive the rites of passage to become Priest and Priestesses and learn the Mysteries of Sacred Magic.

Course Content

  • Isis Reveals the Mysteries of Egypt is offered in 2 Parts of 3 Lessons each for a total of 6 Lessons.
  • Each Lesson contains an audio recording, 60 to 90 minutes long of invocations, information and a guided meditation by Goddess Isis, channeled by Nasrin.
  • Each Lesson has a summary text of the Invocations and the Guided Meditations plus a transcript of the Goddess Isis channeling

Course Instructions

  • Perform Grounding Meditation & Set up the Grids as given at the beginning of each meditation.
  • Listen to each Lesson audio and perform the meditations at least once then you may repeat the meditation by listening to the audio or using the text summary.
  • It is recommended that you repeat as often as possible for 48 hours before moving on to the next Lesson.
  • After completing Part 1, you may wish to wait and extra day or two before beginning Part 2 in order to allow more processing time.
  • If you are guided to move to the next Lesson faster or slower than recommended, use your own judgment and be gentle with yourself.
  • Always invoke your Guides, the Thrones and Great Beings of Light to come forth and stand with you during each meditation and always.


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