Life after the Four Attunements Ph 5


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We offer one class this month, Life After the Four Attunements PH 5. Live course will be held Sunday, October 20th at 3:00pm est.

Course fee: $150.00

We begin the Month of October with Navaratri Festival which extends to October 10th. Navaratri is the celebration of Divine Mother. During the days of Navaratri, Divine Mother battles the forces of darkness to protect all of us, her children and to bring us to our Light and Goodness.

All prayers and intentions offered during this celebration- which runs from 29th of Sept to Oct 10th- count as a 1000 folds and are heard and responded to by Divine Mother. Please light a candle and offer your prayers to Divine mother or invite some friends and like minded souls and do a ceremony by making a small fire and offering intentions.

Offer your personal intentions and prayers to Divine Mother every day if possible or as many time whenever you can during this time. Please remember to pray for Divine Mother and her success in all she needs and desires to achieve for all of us and on behalf of Earth and all souls.

Prerequisite: This course is offered only to those who have completed all four parts of the Four Attunement course. PH-1, PH-2 and PH-3 and PH-4.