Life After Four Attunements


Audio & Transcript



Prerequisite: This course is offered only to those who have completed all four parts of the Four Attunement course. PH-1, PH-2 and PH-3 and PH-4.

We will join together for a review of all that has transpired since we completed the Four Attunements and all the ways in which our lives are changing. Change is happening at personal and global levels.

This session offers a review of the personal experiences that are unfolding and explains some of the experiences that may remain unexplained to you thus far. This session is about helping each of us with our personal experiences up close in this Mundane World while Divine Mother explains the overall picture from her perspective in the Higher Realms.

We will catch up and Please feel free to share your personal experiences, thoughts and questions to be discussed in this session. You may email us at To include your questions and comments please forward your email by/before June 27th 2019.

Course fee: $150.00