Meet Your Guardian Angel




Course Purpose: To introduce you to and create a bond with your newly appointed Personal and Cosmic Guardian Angel and the Throngs of Angelic Forces brought by Divine Mother on behalf of you and Mother Earth.

Course Content: This course has 3 Lessons. Each Lesson is comprised of an audio file (about 90 minutes long) and a text summary (about 2 to 3 pages long). There is also text of the Invocations to be performed before each Lesson.

Course Description: In this three Session course, we hear the story of the Fallen Angels. A special category of Guardian Angels, called the Watchers, who fell in love with humankind and fell from grace, losing their positions as our Guardians.

Recently, Divine Mother interceded on their behalf, so that they could return to their home in the Seven Heavens.

Personal Guardian Angels and Cosmic Guardian Angels: Divine Mother has newly appointed a specific Cosmic Guardian Angel for your protection. Your Personal Guardian Angel is the bridge which connects you with your Cosmic Guardian Angel.

In addition, this Guardian Angel is in touch with a host of other Angels and Elementals with a myriad of expertise. In this course, Divine Mother will help you connect with and establish a long lasting relationship with your Guardian Angel and your Cosmic Guardian.

Then Divine Mother will call throngs of Angels, specifically for your benefit. These throngs of angels come with specific responsibilities to clear the 5 Body System of Mother Earth, with you as the catalyst. They are:

1. Emerald Green Guardians of Truth, Hope, Health and Prosperity, to bring all these qualities to our aid and assistance,

2. Fuchsia Pink and Gold Guardians of Divine Order, to help us return to Divine Order, planned for Earth by Sanat Kumara,

3. Copper Gold Guardians of Purity and Innocence, to bring the Seed of Feminine Creative Light of Divine Mother to Earth and

4. Maroon, Magenta-Purple Blue Guardians of Organization and Transmutation, to guard each of us and all or Guardians to accomplish our Divine Mission and worldly achievements.

At this critical time, as Mother Earth is releasing herself from lower vibrational dross through natural disasters, it is of great importance that we assist her in any way we can.


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