Monthly Portal Sacred Fire




Offer prayers and intentions to Divine Mother

Divine Mother is offering you a chance to present your prayers, intentions and desires to her through these fire ceremonies. We offer your written requests during the Gateway Portal Channeling day at the Sacred fire Ceremonies. The first one will be on 11/11/2015. These fires were started on Navaratri and will continue on a monthly basis on gateway Portal days every month (12/15, 1/1/16, 2/2/16, 3/3/, 4/4/…. Divine Mother is now offering a continuation of this practice for your personal requests. We are grateful to Divine Mother for this wonderful opportunity and for her continued support in our lives.

Here’s how it works: Once you register you may write an email to Nasrin’s private address , and list all your prayers, intentions and desires. These can range anything from simply stating your name and intentions, including pets- and ask for mother’s loving grace in your lives, to request for help with general or specific health concerns, success at work or for new job opportunities, business ventures, relationship issues with family, friends or romance, clearing the path for new opportunities, more money and abundance, clearing stagnancy sadness or depression, and any other specific personal or global requests. Your emails are treated confidentially. They will be printed and filed ready for the ceremony on the appointed day when the pages will be handled by Nasrin, bathed in sacred oils and spices and offered to the scared fires while chanting the sacred names of Divine Mother and other prayers.

Instructions for the email:

Send email to Please insert in subject line: Registeration for Sacred fire offering and your name.

You may take your time to write all your intentions and fully cover all requests through the month. Plerase only send one email for each registration. If you wish to buy a package of three, then the two other people can send their own separate intentions directly or through you. If you have any questions you may contact Nasrin at the email above.

This information and service is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness and does not take the place of a licensed medical practitioner.


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