Moonstone – 2 Pieces



Moonstone is called by this name because it resembles the soft, feminine energies of the moon. It is therefore like a nurturing, loving mother who nourishes your inner child. Moonstone is also considered a great stone for children as they reach the age of puberty. Moonstone is believed to help with difficult menstrual cycles as well as balancing hormones for both women and men at a young age. For these reasons, moonstone was chosen as the stone for healing of the inner child. View the associated course here.

Placement of Moonstone on the Body: Place over your belly for all issues which make your stomach churn. Place over your lower abdomen/reproductive organs for hormonal balance and menstrual cycle. Place over the third eye for removal of memories and thoughts of emotional trauma. Place over the heart chakra or in the middle of your chest for issues that makes your heart sink.