Now What?!




Now What?!” Series of 3 private Sessions:

This series were originally created for the advanced seekers from the PTE Mystery School. It is now open to all provided there is time and space as priority still remains with the advanced students of PTE. Commitment to three sessions is a must! You will receive one hour long session per month for general conversation to determine targets for goal setting and tools to accomplish those goals.

In addition each month you have access to consultation via email and texts for all your needs and requirements as they arise during the course of the month and for up to date feedback and communications on as needed.

Past experience with every member of our advanced team has shown amazing results in the ways in which the outlook to life shifts positively and the myriad ways where help and assistance is brought forth in ways and in areas where it is least expected or foreseen. In a few occasions this series were made available to beginners- applicants who were not familiar at all with the teachings from the Mystery school or had any experience of the classes and course.

In all cases, the applicants were accelerated to the point where they were offered the opportunity to participate in the advanced courses. This is because of answers are provided to simple as well as complex questions and situations in real time, to day to day life questions which would otherwise go unanswered.

Common responses from recipients of these sessions are, “I never would have thought of doing it this way, or “I never would have thought this would work,” Or even; “I never knew I could ask for something like this and get it answered with enough time to make a big difference.”

The consistency and the frequency with which answers are provided allow the recipients to learn about ways to apply the spiritual laws, norms and rules to their advantage in a real life setting regarding real world situations. Such knowledge provides a road map to make decisions in life and helps with easier decision making in future situations; so much so that the person gains great levels of wisdom and foresight in a short period of time-minimum of 3 months.

This series of private sessions are perfect tools to address those phases in life when you need to have a fresh look at your life and a better perspective life and future. It aims to evaluate what you have so far accumulated in life experiences and helps to clearly define/seek choices with highest potential to empower you to succeed in life end simultaneously serve your highest purpose materially and spiritually.

For fees and inquiries you can reach us through or contact page or contact Nasrin directly at Priority Given to the advanced seekers and students of the Mystery School and existing clients who are on this program on a monthly basis.