Past Life Regression Therapy




(via phone/in person)             Time duration       1 hour         Fee $330

Past Life Regression Therapy is a form of Regression Therapy that goes beyond childhood and birth extending to past lives. If you have been experiencing fears and phobias that have no obvious root cause in this life time you may require  Past Life Regression Therapy.

This therapy works best when you find yourself experiencing fears and phobias, pains and struggles, negative behavioral patterns that have no reason to be present in your life.

The root cause could be found in a lifetime in a past lifetime. Other indicators are  psychosomatic issues, fears or worries that relate to one specific person but not to others, ie. worrying about one child’s well being while no such worry or concern exists regarding the other children in the same family-another good example might be when you find a new partner and suddenly you experience negative emotions such as jealousy, fear of losing partner, fear of cheating or other emotions which have never been present before.

These emotions may go back to experiences of a past life with the new partner.  Amazing results have been achieved using this form of therapy on these types of symptoms.

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