Pendulum with Blue Lapis and Turquoise Magnesite



A pendulum is a valuable and empowering sacred tool with a variety of uses. Since everything has an energy flow, with proper use, a pendulum can help you clear disharmonious energies from people, places, things, and situations; test items such as food and supplements to find out what works in harmony with your body and what does not; or answers to yes/no questions to help you ascertain your higher wisdom—along with many other uses.

This pendulum was created and designed under the guidance of the Guardian of Spring and Renewal and Divine Mother. It features a German cut clear crystal with a pointed tip that hangs from a nine and a half inch chain which is adorned with two Blue Lapis and two Turquoise Magnesite round stones.

Use this pendulum for clearing negative energy from your body, from others, and from rooms/spaces and outdoor locations.

• 9 1/2” metal chain

• clear German cut crystal measures 1 1/2”

• two round Blue Lapis stones

• two round Turquoise Magnesite stones


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