Healing with Minerals & Elementals



Healing with Minerals & Elementals –

Recharging Crystals & Empowering Nature Spirits to Heal Earth & All Souls

Course Fee: $150.00           This is an online course

This is the first of a new series- Divine Mother engages the Mineral and Elemental Kingdoms to bring us Healing, Peace and Joy.

In this Guided Meditation Series you will understand more about the healing frequencies of the crystals. The healing potential of the crystals can spread, recharge and re-energizing our bodies, our earth and all souls. Crystals also have the potential to clear negativity, pollution, pain and struggle.  you will work with various types of crystals to a)clear the pollution, dross and negativity and b) to reestablish health, peace and harmony on earth and bring  joy to our hearts, minds and bodies.

The Elemental Kingdom- the Nature Spirits- can play an important role in this healing process.  They act as the guardians of humankind as well as the minerals, the plants and the animals. They are responsible to restore our bodies to normalcy at all levels- physical, emotional, mental, energetic as well as spiritual. You will understand the significance of the service that the Nature Spirits provide in your personal life and our world.

working together with the Crystals from the Mineral Kingdom and the Nature Spirits from the Elemental Kingdom can provide a solid foundation for positive change in our world and a happier, healthier and more joyful life.