Regression Therapy




By phone or in person   Time duration 1 hour      Fee $330

If you feel stuck in life, in marriage or partnership, in your job or business, in your relationships and feel you are not producing your highest and best, you might consider Regression Therapy. Some hidden cause(s) and issues which may seem unrelated or unimportant in your life from birth to present may be the reason. Trauma Therapy may be the way to find those hidden causes and help you forward with ease and enjoy life.

The ways in which we view the world are based on the sum total of our experiences from birth to adulthood and beyond. Our experiences accumulate to form our perception of reality. This in turn becomes the basis for formulating our big and small life choices. Trauma and traumatic experiences taint our perception and leave scars that persist to create filters and skew our judgment detrimentally.

Feeling empowered or disempowered in life and in various circumstances has a lot to do with our perception and our collected filters which have been accumulated since birth and even pre-birth. Abandonment, rejection, self sabotage, self doubt, lack of self confidence, lack of trust, fear of loving and being loved, fear of becoming vulnerable in relationships and romance, phobias, anxiety, and panic attacks, are some of the scars that traumatic experiences leave behind; the marks that create filters that color our judgment and our choices. Some of these filters end up forming habitual patterns and beliefs that persist and sway or taint every action because they have been around for a very long time.

Conversely,  positive and joyful experiences provide us with healthy and wholesome views for our reality and help to empower us with choices that are positive and beneficial for our health and well being.

In these Regression Therapy Sessions we aims to eradicate, release and dissolve the negative filters that bias our perceptions negatively and enhance the impressions which impact our view of the world and encourage positive thinking and healthful intentional living.

Intentional positive thought process, tools and techniques which can encourage improvements in the direction of empowerment and attracting positive and favorable outcome for greater success in life, feeling healthy in your body, and removing obstacles on the path to greater well being create a swell as success and accomplishments in the world.

A member of the PTE Academy Support Staff will contact you in 72 hours of purchase to book your appointment within 90 days.


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