Rose Quartz – 3 Pieces



When you purchase this product you receive three raw pieces of rose quartz, approximately 1″ x 1.5″ x .5″ in size.

Special qualities and healing virtues: In all its forms and shapes, Rose Quartz magnifies the energy in a loving, harmonious way because of the emanations of the pink color which add sweetness, kindness, and love energy to the mineral. Rose quartz is believed to enhance harmonious, loving family relationships, as well as enhance or promote romantic relationships.

Placement of Rose Quartz for Use:  Placement of rose quartz in different parts of your bedroom – by your bed stand, between your mattress and box spring can bring harmonious, loving, nurturing energy to your bed and your bedroom.

Placement in various parts of your house, especially in the family room or living room and wherever the family gathers, brings harmonious energies to your house, your office, and where ever it is placed. It is considered a stone for enhancing romance as well as friendships and family relationships.