Sacred Geometries with Sanat Kumara


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Phase I: Geometries are physical geometric holograms which frame our Five Body System. Inside these geometries, the memories of all events which have impacted us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually over eons of lifetimes are held.

These geometries have been scarred, nicked and damaged as a result of the pain and struggle of past life incarnations on Earth. Hence, the lack of ability to see, hear and know the Masters and Angels that are working with us.

To walk on our spiritual path, embrace our Divine Mission and reach Enlightenment, we must first heal these Sacred Geometries. This course is an offering by the Masters to assist us in doing that.

Following is information about how this course will be conducted.

  • The format of the course is based on a series of seven channeling sessions.
  • In each session Metatron begins setting the pace by introducing events of important planetary impact as seen from the perspective of  the Masters. While he gives his discourse he is raising your Quotient of light and preparing your energy field for Sanat Kumara to follow.
  • Then Sanat Kumara takes over to offer the meditational exercise for that session. This exercise is an important healing tool. We recommend that you repeat this exercise at least three times before you move on to the next meditational exercise.For best results we recommend that you go through the steps for the meditation daily by visualizing the geometries around you. Sanat Kumara will guide you to visualize the appropriate colors and shapes during each meditation. That visualization is what you would repeat daily for best results and accelerated healing.
  • You can come back and start new rounds of repetition of these meditations as many times as you feel inclined by starting all over a few weeks or months later.

Every time you go back to these exercises you peel another layer of dross and induce a new layer of healing. Please use your own instincts to apply what would be most appropriate for you. Your body, Higher Self and the Masters who walk with you will be your best guides.

These sound files are recordings of actual channelings during Live conference calls. We strive to offer you the highest possible quality, while maintaining the originality of the energy emitted by the Masters during these events. The quality of these files is not the same as those recorded in a sound studio. Therefore, they may contain some background noise.

The energetic substance of the original recording, in our opinion, outweighs the sound quality. We will take to heart your suggestions and comments and apply them to further improve future renditions. Meanwhile we wish you a joyful and successful experience with these meditations.

Phase II: There are 6 Sessions for this course and it is highly recommended that the meditations for each Session be practiced for a week before moving to the next Session.

In Sacred Geometry Phase II, Sanat Kumara will take us to a greater depth of healing and will continue to help us raise our Quotient of Light.

In this course we will:

Expand our awareness of the Five Sacred Geometries and our body. We will connect each Sacred Geometry to one specific energy body. In the process, the essence of the Higher Light prevalent in the Higher Chakras of the body can be brought into a state of Union within the body.

This will facilitate the expansion of the Pillar of Light which connects all energy centers and the Five Body system to the Higher Consciousness residing in the Higher Chakras.

Expansion of the Pillar of Light allows you to have a greater perspective. It will impact your immediate environment in ways that will reflect your ability to face all situations in a masterful manner. When your Sacred Geometries are fully healed, answers will come easily.

You will be in command of your body, your mind, your emotions and your life. People will treat you with respect and naturally gravitate to you for advice.

Moving Higher Light through the body will enable you to be the Master of your own life. You will be empowered for greater confidence and creativity and gain the ability for clear thinking, decisiveness, focused attention, and to cope with all situations and make use of every chaotic and conflictive event to induce order and organization.


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