Shower of Abundance and Wealth


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In this guided meditation, “Shower of Abundance and Wealth”, we go to a big beautiful Crystal Hall where we are greeted by Two Angels: One is the the Angel of Abundance and the other is the Angel of Wealth.

They are large and beautiful; the first one is emanating colors of green and Yellow for health, abundance and Joy. The other is emanating Golden brown and Green.

The crystal structures magnify the impact of the Lights and colors that stream from those angels and the guided meditation take you to deeper states of peace, calm and well being.

It is a sweet journey to relax deeply and feel empowered to invite Abundance and Wealth to yourself.

Shower of Abundance and Wealth: Guided Meditation
Total time duration of this meditation is around 50 min. You can listen to it as you fall asleep and set intentions that it energizes you during sleep to magnetize greater Health, Abundance and Wealth to yourself.

This Home Study course is different from a Group Channeling Series and Conference Call in that:

  • You will work with the meditations and information on your own and at your own pace.
  • There are no set times or events to phone in to as a group.
  • The entire package is, typically, sent to you at one time so that you may listen and exercise each meditation at your leisure.