Shower of Gratitude


Audio & Transcript

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In this guided meditation we journey to the Pool of Creation and bathe in the highest Light which is the source of all things.In the deep end of the pool we find a fountain of light where large pillars of crystal quartz invite us to bathe.

A new world opens up upon deep contact with the crystal structures. We find ourselves in a Great Room filled with Rose colored Light of Compassion. Angels are serenading us with their celestial music.

Upon a Throne, a Beautiful Angelic Female is seated. She is happy to see us. There begins a ceremony of great mystical magnitude. Each of us are enrobed with Garments of Light and beautifully embroidered Ceremonial Robes.

We receive a cape and a Scepter, symbols and totems of power and success. A beautiful crown bedecked with Gems and magical powers to open the inner vision and connect to the Higher realms and the Higher Self is placed on our heads.

This ceremony is much like a coronation of connecting the Soul, the Higher Self and our consciousness in this body into oneness. We get a chance to sit with this Angelic female that we come to know as the Mother of Compassion for a while.

We feel uplifted as our hearts open up and fears and worries dissolve. The Rose Pink Light emanating from this Mother of Compassion has magical powers to uplift and support us at all levels of our Beingness.

This Home Study course is different from a Group Channeling Series and Conference Call in that:

  • You will work with the meditations and information on your own and at your own pace.
  • There are no set times or events to phone in to as a group.
  • The entire package is, typically, sent to you at one time so that you may listen and exercise each meditation at your leisure.