Shower of Love


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In this beautiful Guided Meditation, “Shower of Love”, we will travel to a crystal cave in the Crust of the Earth to be loved and energized by an Angelic Being with Green Light of Healing and Abundance.

Then we travel to the heavens above at the Pool of Creation to lie upon a Light filled Crystal Pillar and meet another Angelic Being with the Pink Light of Self Love.

Join us to shake off the stress of the day in the presence of these two loving Angels who have come to embrace you in their Love, offer you their abundant healing and help you make room for Self Love and Self Acceptance.

Experience yourself relax as anxieties and concerns dissolve and healing spreads into the organs and cells of your body.

Invite these angels to accompany you as your guides and helpers in your day to day experiences in this world.

This Home Study course is different from a Group Channeling Series and Conference Call in that:

  • You will work with the meditations and information on your own and at your own pace.
  • There are no set times or events to phone in to as a group.
  • The entire package is, typically, sent to you at one time so that you may listen and exercise each meditation at your leisure.