Shower of Loving Grace


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In this Guided meditation we begin by Bathing in the Amber Light of earth’s healing that moves up from the heart core of Mother Earth. We can let go of all pollution and toxins in our bodies and stress, anxiety, pain and worries from our minds and emotions as we build an imaginary tree of protection around us to take us into the Pool of creation.

The Turquoise Blue Light of the Pool becomes the transcending light to transport us to a domed structure with a circular Great Hall where we meet three Cosmic Guardian Angels who will bring us their Loving Grace and Protection.

They sit in a triangular formation as we stand in the center of the triangle. We watch them become even more brilliant as they communicate with each of us. We see one immersed in Champaign Colored Light of Loving Compassion bringing her loving compassion to guide us in our day to day decisions and actions.

Another immersed in Emerald Green Light of Abundance and Healing brings us her loving grace to fill our lives and our hands with Abundance and our hearts and bodies with healing. The Third in Lemon Yellow Light of Joy offer us loving Joy in our lives to uplift our mood and give us courage and confidence in all aspects of our lives.

Each one offers their gifts and their support as we sit with them and receive their blessing and their grace. We merge and unite in their energies and bring the imprint of those energies and the uplifting qualities they contain back with us into our present reality in this Third Dimension to support and to guide us in our daily lives.

This Home Study course is different from a Group Channeling Series and Conference Call in that:

  • You will work with the meditations and information on your own and at your own pace.
  • There are no set times or events to phone in to as a group.
  • The entire package is, typically, sent to you at one time so that you may listen and exercise each meditation at your leisure.



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