Soul Retrieval Therapy




By phone or in person   Time duration 1 hour      Fee $330

 If you have been exposed to sudden trauma which has left you in shock and feeling scattered,  disconnected, depressed, empty, betrayed, rejected or/and other emotions, you might consider Retrieval Therapy. In the aftermath of the shock you may have the overall feeling that no one understands you, you don’t belong here, or that you no longer want to be here anymore. Soul Retrieval Therapy works at those levels of consciousness where you can reconnect and heal the parts of you that became fragmented and left the consciousness of the body helping the return to the wholeness and return of a state of well being.  

When trauma hits, aspects of personality becomes fragmented. Such aspects disconnect from the consciousness of the body and vacate.  Their absence leaves the person in a state of shock at first and a  feeling of emptiness. Experiences may pile up and create crises, which may keep repeating in various ways or turn into a sense of resignation that things can’t be normal and then we begin to overcompensate for the missing aspects. Years later, the fragmentation process may still be active but more subtle, leaving marks which may go unnoticed. A person may simply feel that everything is hard or arduous. Soul Retrieval Therapy can be a way to bring back true wholeness by collecting those missing aspects back and reconnecting them to the body and consciousness. Soul Retrieval Therapy addresses the retrieval of those fragments and their return to the body consciousness in order to resume a state of true wholeness and avoid repeating the old pattern of behavior ultimately healing the whole body, elevating consciousness and the ability to relate to life on an entirely new level.

A member of the PTE Academy Support Staff will contact you in 72 hours of purchase to book your appointment within 90 days.


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