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Time duration – 1 hour      Fee $330

If you have been exposed to  traumatic experiences which might have left  unpleasant memories or scars, you may consider Trauma Therapy. The memories and scars require healing,  realignments and re-integrations to normalcy. This therapy can also clear the path from recurrence of further unpleasant experiences and patterns. You may not recognize that such experiences may have their root cause entangled in the first original trauma.  When trauma is deep rooted it can cause a continual pattern of repeated dysfunctions and stress. positive reinforcement during therapy sessions can put an end to all that.

The nature of Trauma which we address in these Trauma Therapy sessions encompasses:

  • Trauma imposed due to mental, emotional, physical or Sexual abuse.
  • Trauma resulting from ill health, sickness, injury, accident,
  • Trauma caused by break up of relationships, divorce, business
  • Trauma cause due to loss, loss of loved ones, loss of one’s belonging or livelihood.
  • Trauma caused as a result of loss of identity due to drastic changes in life situations, Immigration, relocation, moving house.

Regardless of cause, all trauma creates tension  in the body. Tension blocks or disperses the flow of energy and interferes with the health and well being of the body leading to stress, anxiety fear and panic. Trauma, tension, stress and anxiety are all issues that can cut off the good energy flow to the organs and to the circulatory system of the body, leading to disease, discomfort and imbalance.

Disease, discomfort and imbalance cause further limitations that impact the body as well as the mind and the emotions, creating a vicious cycle that keeps spinning and disrupting the health of the body and degenerates the well being of a person as a whole.

The longer the span of the onset of the trauma the harder it becomes to get rid of it. Trauma that has been around since childhood had a deeper imprint than a traumatic situation that may be ongoing at the present Time. Furthermore, it is possible that a person may have had the experience of trauma several times in similar or varying circumstances that span through various point of a person’s life, from childhood to adulthood to present.

Older trauma leaves deeper grooves and greater damage leaving bigger scars. Dysfunctional habits form as coping mechanisms for dealing with trauma, tension, health issue. In Trauma Therapy sessions we find the root cause of trauma and then address the behavioral patterns and habits that have formed since its onset.

In Trauma Therapy sessions we look for ways to find and pin point those traumatic experiences through your timeline. Once pin-pointed we work with techniques and methods that will bring about release of trauma and remove the scars that carry the unpleasant memories. Then the healing process can begin easily and be accelerated as we move to the future sessions to go deeper into healing. The old negative patterns of behavior can then be easily replaced by positive, functional new behavioral patterns and new ways to cope. In follow us sessions we examine the progress and make necessary course corrections until the ideal outcome is reached.

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